Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10 Months Old!

Miles was ten months old on Easter!  He is really growing so fast and learning new things all the time it seems.  He crawls everywhere, pulls up on just about anything and is starting to cruise around furniture.  He eats like a champ and meats are his favorite followed closely by sweet potato fries!  He has just started waving and says Momma and Daddy along with a lot of other really loud sounds.  He is smiling 99% of the time and such a sweet natured kiddo.  He is a Mommas boy but loves it when Daddy gets home and cries when big brother gets put into time out.  He still loves baths and the dogs water bowl and I'm sure swimming will be right up his alley.  He has three teeth and was 22.5lbs at his last appointment.  We have been fighting two ear infections but got a clean bill of health today after three weeks of garlic drops, colloidal silver, breast milk, and seeing the chiropractor twice a week.  Can you tell I have some aversions to antibiotics?!  

Playing with his big brother...I found them this way and it was too cute for me to get mad that Rylin had obviously put him there.

First time he pulled up Rylin was excited too!

He and Duke are good pals...still at the same eye level.

His cousin Clifton came to play one day.

Still likes to be wrapped up when he's in a grumpy mood.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

9 Months Old

This little cream puff turned nine months today!  He is all smiles all the time and growing like a weed!  He was 22lbs at his 9 month check up and 75% for height and head size.  He also had a double ear infection:(  Hopefully he's on the up and up with all the natural remedies I've been giving him.  We go back next week to find out.  He just got his bottom two teeth this week, is so close to pulling up, crawls EVERYWHERE, and is jabbering all the time.  He's eating like a champ and loves his new discovery of meats.  We have been enjoying the warmer weather and Miles likes to be outside playing in the grass.  He is still not one to put things in his mouth so I'm just trying to enjoy it and not overreact about this quirk! 

Always hanging off Mommy!
Practicing pulling up (or chewing chairs) with Rylin.
Visiting Grandmother Wines
First horse ride

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentines and Sweet Ellie

We had a busy Valentines week as I prepared for my cousin Valerie's baby shower and Rylin's Valentine party at school.

The boys are always excited to get mail and loved their Valentine cards from Gramps and Grammie!

We made our own little treat for Dad.  A jar of kisses and our kissie faces...

Rylin and I had fun making his robot Valentines out of match books.  And by Rylin and I, I mean I worked and he critiqued!

On Friday we headed to my parents which was close to where we were hosting the shower.  The boys got more valentines goodies from Mimi & Papa and then we had a fun day on Saturday at the shower.

Clifton and Miles hung out on the floor.

Candyce & Clifton, Valerie, Ellie, and Bonnie, Me & Miles

Love that with a big family, my kids will have lots of cousins their age like I did!

8 Months Old

My creamy little chunk of love is eight months old today!  He is such a happy sweet little guy and quite the charmer.  He started the army crawl last week and is sooo close to taking off on his hands and knees.  He likes to sit on the floor and play though you shouldn't dare to leave the room.  He has quite the "you are abandoning me" scream!  He loves to play with anything that isn't a toy like paper, spoons, Rylin's gadgets, and cups.  He loves baths and splashes constantly making gasping noises all the while as water flies in his face!  He's eating more and more table foods and likes just about everything I give him.  He's now tried bananas, apples, avocados, spinach, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, blueberries, strawberries, and pears.  He says Mama and Dada and yells all kinds of other indistinguishable words!  Still no teeth but definitely working on the bottom two.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

7 Months Old


Miles is seven months old today!  He's such a sweet little man and loves to give out smiles.  He's up on all fours rocking...getting so close to taking off.  He says MaMa & DaDa.  He loves his jumper and exersaucer but really just wants to be held!  We're getting good at the back wrap and he often helps me with dinner.  He LOVES taking a bath and splashing water in his face, he likes to be outside and enjoys walks in the stroller.  He has started eating some soft foods like sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, and anything else I can mush up from our dinner.  I'm taking a more laid back approach to feeding him and not doing any purees.  So far he's taken to it well.  He's working on teeth, but none have poked through yet.  He's a good nurser and still wakes a few times at night.  He naps four times a day for short little spurts.  He's a chunk!  I'm sure he's pushing 20lbs!



Christmas Day 2013

I realize that I blogged about the end of our year, but left off most of our Christmas week activities.  We spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning at our house and then headed to my in-laws for Christmas lunch in Greenville with the Everhart family and dinner in Arlington with the Alexander family.

The Boys were pretty wiped out after opening so many presents!
Then the following weekend, we celebrated my family Christmas late and made a trip to the Perot museum as a present from MiMi & Papa.  The kids enjoyed the exhibits and we made it five hours until the museum closed!